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Values are deeply held views of what is important; they are fundamental beliefs that guide the actions of the organization. They apply to all people involved with the agency and are reflected in all aspects of the agency's work. When organizations adhere to their values and principles, they convey a strong message about who they are and what people can expect. Phoenix Human Services is committed to the following values:

Respect and Dignity: We believe in honouring our differences and respecting people's individual needs.

Potential to Thrive: We believe that every person deserves the opportunity to shine.

Recognizing Capability: We believe in building from people's strengths.

Goal-oriented: We believe in supporting and assisting individuals in fulfilling their unique goals.

Inclusiveness: We believe in supporting individuals to develop strong relationships and a sense of belonging within their communities.

Social Responsibility: We believe in developing our combined strength as a collaborative force for positive change.

Diversity: We believe in honouring diversity and recognizing that differences strengthen communities.

Caring: We believe in creating environments that are safe, welcoming and compassionate.

Genuiness: We believe in being accessible, transparent and fair.

Fun: We believe in the transformative power of play, that appropriate humour heals, and in not taking ourselves too seriously.