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Susie Girling


Susie Girling is a committed child and youth care professional who works to enhance the lives of children, youth and their families.  She received an Undergraduate Degree in Criminology from Simon Fraser University and a Graduate Degree in Child and Youth Care from the University of Victoria.  She has worked for two decades in a number of direct care and management positions including youth residential care, child and youth mental health, youth probation and school counselling.  She currently has a position with the Vancouver Island Health Authority in Child, Youth and Family Mental Health Services.  She chose to be on the Board as a way to assist in the growth, transition and transformation of an organization and team she has history with and cares about.  Being on the Board offers Susie an enhanced experience which offers a rewarding leadership experience and provides exposure to other disciplines and community members.  She believes that the Board is vital to keeping an eye on the over-all performance of the organization and to ensure service goals are met.  She also believes that Phoenix offers an excellent example of what can be achieved with skilled staff, strong community support and dedicated volunteers.