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Out of Care Support

Out Of Care Support Program

The Out of Care Support Program is a supportive service designed to serve caregivers (extended family and friends) who require assistance to care for children who are residing in their care, due to child protection concerns involving the children’s biological parents.

Services are intended to:

  • develop and maintain parenting skills regarding caregiver/child interactions, stages of child development, guidance and effective behaviour management techniques;
  • provide opportunities to enhance parenting skills through education, mentoring, modelling and training;
  • strengthen family functioning by exploring issues such as family violence, substance abuse, mental health concerns and how this may impact the children in their care;
  • assist with effectively navigating family relationships in the context of caring for children in the care of the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) due to child protection concerns; and
  • provide support to maintain the placement of the child; and provide referrals and assist caregivers to connect to other community services and programs.

Family Development Counsellors actively involve caregivers in identifying areas for development and in all areas of service planning with a focus on improving family functioning and enhancing the child/caregiver bond.

Referrals and Eligibility

All programs are funded by MCFD and are offered at no cost to participants. Program eligibility varies in each program and all referrals are received from MCFD.

In all programs, Family Development Counsellors work collaboratively with MCFD social workers, other involved professionals, families, children and youth in service planning.

What to Expect

In all programs, the Family Development Counsellors will take the participant through a program orientation, outlining what to expect from the service and how service objectives will be met.

In partnership with MCFD social workers and other applicable community supports, the Family Development Counsellor will develop goals with the youth/parent/caregiver and implement a service delivery plan that will support goal achievement. Service may be provided in a one to one capacity and for some programs, in small groups when appropriate.

Progress will be reviewed on a regular basis and communicated to the ministry social worker as appropriate to ensure service objectives are being met. Depending on the situation, referrals to other services will be made as appropriate.

Duration of Services

Length of service depends greatly on the specific service objectives. The duration of involvement can range anywhere from 3 months to 24 months.

Program Hours

Family Development Counsellors' schedules vary depending on the program. Services are provided Monday - Friday. As service is outreach in nature, they can be reached via voicemail between the hours of 8:30 am – 4:30 p.m.

How to Reach Us

For further information on the Out of Care Support Program, please contact Laurie Hill, Program Manager, at 250-383-4821 or email at