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Individualized Support

Individualized Support

Services are either community-based, held in our Joan Crescent Resource or held in various other community resources. Our goal is to provide adults with opportunities to strengthen daily living skills, increase independence and self-esteem, and support them to maximize their potential. 

Staff will assist the individual and family/caregiver where appropriate, to develop a plan and some strategies to achieve the individual’s specific goals.

These goals may include:

  • to aid in the development of a variety of daily living skills;
  • to increase awareness of and ability to access community resources;
  • nutrition and meal preparation;
  • to develop social and communication skills;
  • to increase personal safety;
  • to develop community and social supports and friendships;
  • budgeting and money management;
  • the use of leisure time;
  • to improve care of self and home, and maintaining housing;
  • support finding suitable housing;
  • support to access recreation, education, training or other resources; and
  • to increase the individual's capacity for paid or volunteer work.

Services are optional. Subject to Community Living British Columbia (CLBC) eligibility criteria, programs are provided as a service to individuals and their families. We do not enforce or mandate, nor do we make decisions for adult program participants. However, we do provide information, support and choices. As needed, we may make referrals to more specialized support such as addictions support, psychiatric support or counselling.

Please Note: Program staff are unable to complete lifts and transfers and do not administer any prescription or non-prescription medications. This includes vitamins.

The Process

All referrals must go through the offices of CLBC. You may contact them by calling 250-952-4203. If you have any difficulty contacting CLBC, we will be pleased to assist you. 

How to Reach Us

For further information on the Individualized Support Program, please contact Beth Cowin, Program Manager, at 250-383-4821 or email at