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Employment Services

"In this picture, I am squishing bananas for banana loaf. I especially love delivering boxes of sausage rolls because it's physical and I get to talk to people who are friendly grocery stores like Thriftys and Fairways."

Employment Services

At Phoenix Employment Services, we believe that hiring persons with diverse skills contributes to a stronger and more inclusive community. We also believe that there is a great job available in the community for anyone who is open-minded and committed to working. We know that in many cases, people are ready to do good work – they just need a little support to find a job and to keep it.

Our goal is to help participants find work in the community.  Like our other community living programs, Employment Services is funded through Community Living British Columbia (CLBC).

The Benefits

Employment promotes social and community inclusion, financial independence, expanded skills and abilities, increased social networks, improved sense of belonging and self-confidence.

“My worker helps by talking stuff with me when I’m upset. When I see my worker it just makes my day – and she helped me get a new bus pass when I lost it. Nick also found me a job last year.”

The Process

  • Get to know your employment counsellor
  • Discover employment-related skills and abilities
  • Learn about your interests, strengths and support needs
  • Explore employers in the community
  • Develop a resume or a cover letter
  • Make a list of target employers
  • Participate in training or work experience
  • Distribute resumes and contacting potential employers
  • Set up interviews, visiting worksites or meeting employers
  • Work with you and your employer to discuss the job, the hours of work and support needs
  • Job coaching as you learn new tasks

Who is eligible for Employment Services?

Anyone 19 years or older, and who is eligible to receive services through CLBC, may be referred to our Employment Services Program. If you are not already connected to CLBC, please call 250-952-4203 and find out if you are eligible for service.

How long will it take to get a job?

For people who are ready and very keen to work in a range of positions, it often takes 6 months to find a job. In some cases, it may take 9 months or even longer to find a job that is a good match for your skills and interests.

What if I don’t get a job within 9 months?

We will review your progress with you throughout service. You may decide that you wish to be referred to other services to help you reach your goal. For example, life skill development, work experience, or volunteering.

What type of work can I expect to get?

We start the process by asking you what kind of work you are looking for. Then, your employment counsellor will help you figure out what type of job is best suited to your skills, abilities and interests. There are many businesses in Greater Victoria that might have an ideal position for you. Some jobs may be once per week for a couple of hours and some jobs might be 5 days per week. The number of hours worked in a week varies, depending on your preference and depending on the employer’s needs. 

I receive Persons with Disabilities (PWD) benefits. Do I get to keep all my income/wages?

When you do your taxes in the spring, you will need to report all of your income including your PWD benefits and your wages. Most participants can earn wages and still keep their PWD benefits. Please contact the Ministry of Social Development PWD Workers for detailed information (250-952-0817).

Once I get my job, how long will my employment counsellor support me?

While everyone is different, you can expect to have your employment counsellor available while you learn your new job. Generally 4-6 sessions are enough for you to learn your new job and set up natural supports.

How to Reach Us

For further information, please contact Bradley Blois, Program Manager of Employment Services at 250-889-3743.