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Community Inclusion Programs

Community Inclusion Programs

Phoenix Human Services Association offers three Community Inclusion programs that are tailored to the individual’s strengths, needs, abilities and preferences.

The three different Community Inclusion programs are available to individuals 19 years or older with a developmental disability, residing in the South Vancouver Island area. The individuals referred to this program may require behaviour management supports, medication administration, seizure management, mobility assistance, and personal care support. The programs combined can provide 28 full time spaces, 5 days per week, from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., in the program settings and in the community. Depending on the need of the individual and available positions, the programs offer both part and full-time services.

The goals for service include the following:

  • individuals are safe, secure and well supported;
  • individuals and their families experience full citizenship through inclusion in their community;
  • individuals and their families take a lead in the planning of supports and services that meet the unique needs of each individual;
  • individuals and their families make key decisions about the services and support they receive;
  • individual and families have easy access to appropriate and timely supports and services that meet their needs; and
  • individuals and their family’s needs are responded to and met through flexible, innovative and creative supports and services.

Our programs provide the following services:

  • developing community connections;
  • exploring interests and aspirations;
  • communication support;
  • life skills support;
  • developing relationships;
  • home and community safety awareness;
  • recreation activities;
  • exploring volunteer and employment;
  • cooking and nutrition;
  • music programs;
  • learning through technology;
  • creating positive routines and strategies; and
  • sharing knowledge and resources.


The services provided are based out of 1095 Joan Crescent in Victoria, as well as in the community. Some of the community resources accessed by programs include recreation centres, Namaste Music Program, Conservatory of Music, cultural festivals, aerobic classes and parks.

Frequency/Duration of Service

Services are typically long-term and individuals usually attend for at least for 1 year. 


Community Awareness Training and Support (C.A.T.S)

The CATS program focuses on regular community exploration in social recreational activities that are designed to engage individuals, as well as access community resources in a positive and safe manner. The relaxing yet upbeat environment at the program provides an opportunity for participants to be supported and involved in a wide variety of activities that encourage creative potential. The staff builds on the individual’s strengths and interests while also encouraging peer interaction within the program and the community. The participants who attend this program have varying levels of mobility and health support needs. Participants require varying levels of assistance with eating and personal care and do not typically exhibit aggressive behaviour.


This program is designed to provide the participants with the opportunity to be involved in a variety of community-based activities. Participants may be involved in activities such as swimming, music programs, moderate intensity walking and delivering newspapers. The program provides a safe and positive environment to develop and build self-esteem and encourages participants to be involved in decision-making. Individuals who attend this program may require regular behavioural support from staff or the need to be involved in a highly individualized program. Participants are supported by staff in a manner which enables them to be successful while in the community. Due to the high level of individualized support, program staff can effectively serve individuals who may require support in the areas of personal care and health-related needs.


The purpose of this program is to provide the participants with fun, engaging and rewarding activities which enhance their access to and integration with the community while developing a variety of life skills. The program offers an active routine to individuals interested in being involved in recreation-based activities. Staff at this program support individuals to build on skills in the areas of peer interaction, social skills and communication. The participants who attend this program do not require a high level of support in the areas of personal care, health or behavioural support.

Referral and Access

Referral and access to service is through Community Living British Columbia (CLBC). To access the program, an adult must first meet the CLBC eligibility criteria. CLBC Facilitators and Quality Service Analysts are responsible for confirming eligibility and making referrals to the appropriate Phoenix program.

How to Reach Us

For further information on Community Inclusion Programs, please phone 250-370-5092.