Child, Youth and Family Services

In Child, Youth and Family Services, our programs focus mostly on building strength and resiliency so that the persons we serve are better able to meet the challenges of daily life. Relationship building and skill development are two of the key ways that we use to achieve our goals with clients. When our services encompass the family, we likewise focus on strengthening family relationships and enhancing the resiliency of the family as a whole.

The Child, Youth and Family Services programs include Family Development,Foundations Parenting, Out of Care Supports, Youth Services, Services to Children and Youth With Special Needs and Mental Health Outreach.

Adult Services

Phoenix’s Adult Services programs are specialized in that supports are provided exclusively to persons with developmental disabilities. The main focus of these programs is to increase independence, facilitate non-segregated community access and empower individuals to become full citizens in their communities predominantly through engagement and employment. Like CYFS programs, relationship building and skill development are key areas of emphasis.

The Adult Services programs include Individualized Support, Group Services, Supported Living, Community Inclusion Day Programs, Employment, and Customized Programs.