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Phoenix Employment Program Summer 2017 update

The past six months have seen a lot of new faces for the employment program! With Dayna and Kelly moving on to new and exciting things this winter, new staff Ben, Beth, and Jessica have taken over the employment offices.  We are delighted to report that Dayna is off on maternity leave with her beautiful little boy Marley, and Kelly is working her magic in a new position in our Phoenix Family Development Program.

In April, our Rise Up Youth Employment program received funding for a second year - thanks to Coast Capital Savings and the United Way, and Jessica was brought on board to run that program.  Jessica fearlessly manages between 6 and 12 youth on her list to find well-fitting work experiences and first-time jobs for youth aged 15 - 25. Many thanks to Bosley’s Pet Store, Old Navy, Capital Iron, The Roost Bakery, and others who have provided work experiences for our participants!

“Job development” is the term we use for all the phonecalls, applications, and informational interviews we do to try and find our clients a well-suited position.  Sometimes, this process takes a long time and a lot of patience.  One client’s 3 year search for employment ended this spring when she found a job at Starbucks. Her friendly personality and eye for detail are put to good use as a café attendant where she greets customers and keeps the café space clean and welcoming.  Other times, luck is on our side when we happen to be in the right place at the right time like when a client and her Employment Counsellor happened to walk into a children’s play centre just as help was needed this March.  It was only the second workplace she applied to, and she found a job she loves! Another client found full time work within a week of looking for work -  in a lumber yard in December and has been keeping busy ever since!

Now that it’s mid-summer, the job market seems to slow down a little bit.  All the summer workers have already been hired, but it is too early for the back-to-school hiring.  Our office is a little slower too, with staff off on holidays and out enjoying the warm weather. We keep our office door wide open, and Beth keeps her sunglasses handy for long phone calls she can take outside. We keep ticking along here at Phoenix Employment, and are excited to see a growing trend of inclusive and accommodating employers met by a capable and enthusiastic workforce!

Beth Cowin, Phoenix Employment Counsellor