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Thank You Coast Capital Savings!!

July 04, 2017

Just as we were mothballing our Rise Up youth employment program, the United Way came through with a grant to help us continue with this much needed service. Still, we were looking at the prospect of running a similar capacity program on a shoestring budget. Knowing how much the services are in demand, we sent out a 2nd grant application and we were answered with a $28,000 grant from Coast Capital Savings. This money will allow us to effectively double our capacity and will give us a little wiggle room to help youth with incidentals such as clothing and transportation subsidies to improve their employment prospects.

Our Employment Coordinator, Lois, and Vocational Counsellor, Ben, were invited to present the program to the Coast Capital Young Leaders Community Council that was responsible for making the funding decision. Along with other Coast Capital grant recipients, they had a chance to talk to Council members, share stories about Rise Up and hear about the other youth programs that were also funded. The other recipients included the Victoria Youth Program Quality Initiative, the Skookum Bistro and Man Made.

It was especially meaningful for us that the decision was made by the Council with a particular focus on youth priorities in our community. On behalf of the Board of Directors and all of the staff at Phoenix, we would like to extend a big and sincere thanks to Coast Capital for both their generosity and their belief in what we are trying to accomplish with Rise Up. We appreciate the opportunity to keep this vital service alive and working for youth.