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Rise Up Youth Employment Program

December 16, 2015

They say that good things come to those that wait. We have been working to adapt our highly successful adult Employment Program to help marginalized youth find employment. The only missing piece was enough funding to run a pilot. We had been sending out grant applications since the beginning of 2014 with hopeful intent. 

In October of this year, we had our first piece of good news. We had the good fortune to meet with representatives from the Victoria Foundation at our Joan Crescent facility regarding our grant application. They were genuinely interested in what we were proposing and what followed was a lively conversation where we got the opportunity to share our aspirations for the project. We were hopeful that this meeting was a sign of things to come.

In early November, I received a phone call from Kathy Baan, Senior Community Investment Manager, from Telus Community Investment and Engagement branch informing me that our grant application had been successful. On December 16th, during a Phoenix Community Inclusion event at the 6 Mile Pub in View Royal, Mel Cooper, the Chair of the Telus Community Board presented us with a cheque for $5000.

The good news didn't stop there. Earlier in the month, we had received a letter from the Victoria Foundation confirming that our grant application had likewise been succesful and that we would be receiving $15000 to help launch Rise Up.

So I guess that patience is a virtue, especially if it is accompanied by hard work and happens upon the benevolence of our community members. I want to take this opportunity to thank the Victoria Foundation and the Telus Community Board for believing in what we are doing and ultimately for keeping our communties strong. Speaking of hard work, I would also like to thank former Phoenix staff, Erin Ewart, for her work on the Telus grant and Lois Gabitous, our Community Inclusion Adult Programs Coordinator, for her excellent work on the Victoria Foundation grant as well as others that paved the way for our recent success.