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Joanne Hurtig

Vice President

Born in Edmonton Alberta, Joanne spent her formative years growing up in Ottawa. She was one of five siblings and graduated from Nepean High School and attended Carlton University. She was trained in conflict management at the Justice Institute of BC and received a Residential Managers certification at the J.I. as well.

Joanne moved to Victoria in 1971 when her husband bought British Importers.  After a huge lifestyle epiphany Joanne spent many years living on Hornby and Denman Islands where she brought up her daughter and was able to focus and nourish the importance of community and children in her life. She has an extensive background in residential resources for children in care and a long history as a contractor for MCFD. Her first residential contract was with MCFD in 1986.

Joanne was the Executive Director of J.F. Hurtig Community Resources. In 2002 she was asked to take on a special project by the MCFD Executive to care for the first group of migrant Chinese youth off the boats arriving BC shores, at Seven Oaks R & A. This was one of the most exciting projects of her career with a huge learning curve and many wonderful opportunities including working with Nisika, RCMP, local police, Canada Immigration, media and the local Chinese community.

Her passion for many years was the Federation of Child and Family Services (now the Federation of Community Social Service of BC); she chaired their Membership Committee and sat on their Board of Directors for several years. As well, she project managed “Useful Tips”, the first publication of its kind in Canada to address the needs of youth leaving government care (aging out).  In 2002 Joanne was recruited and left her MCFD contract to work with the Minister of State for Early Childhood Development.  She then went on to work part time with the Single Parent Resource Center and the Federation of Child and Family Services. Joanne left the private sector to work for the BC Public Service, working for the Ministry of Health (Human Resources) and for Deputy Ministers in the Ministries of Science and Universities and Jobs, Tourism and Innovation. Joanne retired from public service in 2012 and now is a foster parent of two children in care.

Joanne is looking forward to reconnecting with the social service sector through her work with the Phoenix Human Services Board of Directors. As a helping professional most of her adult life, she brings her experience, passion and energy to the table and is excited about contributing to the goals and objectives of Phoenix Human Services.