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Child, Youth and Family Services

Phoenix offers a variety of child, youth and family programs dedicated to four main service areas that include Family Preservation/Reunification, Youth Services, Support to Children and Youth with Special Needs and Child and Youth Mental Health.

Family Development Program

This program is designed to increase child safety in families where a significant risk to the child's physical, emotional and/or psychological health exists. Services are provided predominantly in the home and in the community. Services include but are not limited to parent training, supervised access, advocacy and systems navigation. (read more)


The Foundations Parenting Program is only offered in the West Shore. Foundations is a 10 week program predominantly oriented to parents of at-risk children from birth to age 6. The program has two components that include group training and a weekly support visit to the parental home. (read more)

Out of Care Support

This program provides education, training and support to caregivers (e.g. grandparents, other relatives, close family friends) who require assistance to care for the children/youth residing with them due to existing child protection issues involving the biological parent(s). Services are 1:1 with the caregiver, but can be offered in group as well. (read more)

Youth Services

The Youth Services programs encompass Youth Protection and Youth Guardianship. Services for protection referrals focus on skill development for youth/parent/caregivers to help strengthen the family. Guardianship services also feature skill development, but these are focused almost exclusively on referred youth. With older youth, employment, housing and independent living often become key areas of focus. (read more)

Children and Youth With Special Needs

This program supports children and youth under the age of 19 who have been diagnosed with a developmental disability or a disorder under the Autism Spectrum. Individual and group services are available and program staff also support families to identify the developmental needs of their children/youth, implement behaviour support strategies to improve daily living, strengthen communication skills and access community services that may be helpful to the child/youth and family. (read more)

Mental Health Outreach

The Mental Health Outreach Team (MHOT) supports children and youth who struggle with significant emotional and mental health issues. Referred children and youth typically engage in high risk behaviours in one or more life domains (i.e. home, school, community). Parents often struggle to find the best ways to support their child/youth. Services include individual counselling, parenting support, family work, collaborative community planning and case management. (read more)