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Joan ChalmersActing Executive Director and Director of Finance and Operations

Joan Chalmers loves hard work. Her favourite quotes are 'bring it on' and 'it's going to get better'. Joan runs a tight financial ship but is a firm believer in being fair... [More+]

Dawn RobertsOffice Manager

Dawn has been with the organization for better than two decades now. She was initially hired as an Administrative Assistant and quickly mastered the job and began to take on... [More+]

Julie BriantAdministrative Assistant

Julie has been with the agency for several years, having worked here some time ago in the agency’s previous incarnation. She strongly believes in and supports the work the... [More+]

Laurie HillProgram Manager, Family Development Programs

Laurie has been employed in the Child and Youth Care field for over 30 years. She started working in residential treatment programs with high risk youth in Vancouver which she... [More+]

Donna WashingtonProgram Manager, Community Inclusion Day Programs

Donna completed the Community Support Worker Program straight out of high school, clearly knowing that she wanted to support individuals with developmental disabilities. Her ... [More+]

Sabine VanderispaillieProgram Manager, Mental Health Outreach/Youth Services

Sabine graduated with a degree in Occupational Therapy from Belgium where she grew up in the beautiful town of Bruges.

Most of her career has been in the Mental Health... [More+]

Beth CowinProgram Manager, Community Inclusion Adult Services

Beth holds a B.A. in Psychology with a specialization in Human Services.  Her work with people with diversabilities began with an internship at Providence Farm in Duncan, and... [More+]

Dayna ForsgrenProgram Manager, Employment Program and Rise Up Youth Employment Project

Dayna has been in Employment Services for over 4 years, working to spread the word about the incredible benefits that diversity brings to the workplace. She is passionate about... [More+]